BenQ PD3200U Monitor Review

First let me thank BenQ for allowing me the opprotunity to test out and and review the PD3200U DesignVue Designer Monitor with 4K UHD resolution.

Before I jump into the review… let me welcome you into my creative space. This is where the magic happens: Graphic Design, Illustration, Photo Editing, Content Creation, Marketing and PR! This is my inner sanctum where I not only work hard, but also have fun.

If you know me then you know that I am tech lover. Because of my line of work it is important for me to be surrounded by the best the tech world has to offer! I need precision, spot on colors and a work space that inspires me!

Find the BenQ PD3220U on Amazon…

Set Up…

The set up was quite easy! The great thing about the monitor is everything pretty much snaps into place and with the twist of one screw you are done. This is a great benefit if you order several professional monitors for an office or advertising agency. Being able to set up a monitor quickly is a plus in my book.

I had a smaller BenQ monitor already set up in my home studio, so I simply removed it and with a little rearranging of my desk the BenQ PD3200U was in place and ready for action!

The great thing about the monitor is that it has an extensive range of height, tilt, pivot, stroke, and swivel! It pretty much can fit anywhere. Because of my set up it is important to have these options. As sometimes I have three devices running… my Wacom Cintiq Companion 2, Wacom Mobile Studio Pro and MacBook. So I being able to adjust the BenQ monitor comes in handy for my set up.


Before we dive into the fun… here are the specs!


The monitor includes a DisplayPort, mini DisplayPort, two HDMI 2.0 slots and four USB 3.0 receptacles. I really liked how these are placed on the monitor, because if one were to choose to mount the monitor on a wall it would work perfectly.

Display Settings…

Anyone working in design, photography or video editing will appreciate the 4K UHD (3840x2160) resolution!

On the front of the monitor are five buttons. The first allows you to change the picture mode. I left it set to sRGB, however I love the Low Blue Light Mode as well. Another button allows for the adjustment of brightness. For animators there is an Animation Mode as well. This brightens blacks, thus allowing an animator to see the area in dark areas. This is a nice feature if your are working in VFX or in the games industry!

Hotkey Puck…

The Hot Key Puck is really great as well. One can switch between CAD/CAM, Animation and Dark Room modes with a simple click of a button on the Hotkey Puck. You can also customize the buttons to map other modes or OSD settings such as brightness and contrast.

The following video produce by BenQ explains the Hotkey Puck in more detail.


The monitor features AQCOLOR Technology to uphold the concept “Accurate Reproduction”. BenQ has a high standards when it comes to the qualtiy of color.

AQCOLOR Technology offers industry standard color gamut including DCI-P3, Adobe RGB, Rec.709 and sRGB, allowing every professional to see and implement the right colors to their work.

Every monitor supported by AQCOLOR Technology is factory-calibrated and achieves the utmost color accuracy. Professionals can utilize hardware-calibrated accurate colors. This is also great for companies or studios setting up more than one monitor. There is no need to worry about calibrating every monitor to match, they come perfectly ready to use! This saves valuable time!

DualView Mode / MultiWindow Desktop Partition

This is something that multitaskers like myself will love. DualView Mode is great if you love working on two monitors. It will split your monitor and turn your monitor into two monitors! This is great if you like to have more than one app running.

Proprietary BenQ Display Pilot software splits your desktop into multiple window partitions for easy multitasking. This is simply wonderful for creatives like myself. Let’s say I am working on a design and need a reference image open and possibly the internet running for additional research… then I can easily set up my monitor to handle it all! Display Pilot does require you to use Windows 10, but that is quite ok for me.

Eye Care…

Taking care of your eyes is important for all creatives, especially as you get older. Well, BenQ has you covered. BenQ has implemented technology to reduce eye fatigue. This is great when are in the zone and designing for hours.

Their Low Blue Light Technology filters out harmful blue light. This diminishes eye fatigue and irritation. Trust me if you are like me and get into design mode then working for hours on end without eye fatigue is a blessing!

Also, the monitor is flicker free. Some monitors still flicker even though it is not noticeable to users. If a monitor flickers it will eventually harm your eyes. Eliminating a flicker of any kind is great as it also reduces eye fatigue.

Highly Adjustable…

Every creative sets up his or her work space differently. So this is something I would like to point out. As one can really customize the set up of their monitor and adjust it to his or her needs.

The base is incredibly sturdy, thus there is no fear as it does not wobble.

Other Notes…

BenQ seems to have thought of everything with the PD3200U. The monitor has an anti-glare matte finish. This is great since the desk in my home studio sits close to the window.

If you are a digital artist, a photographer, a gamer, YouTuber or streamer… this monitor will rock your world. I had an older BenQ monitor which I loved and I have to say I fell even deeper in love with this monitor. It covers everything that I want in monitor and more.

The speakers are phenomenal. Theoretically one does not need to go out and buy speakers as these are really great. This is good for those editing video or people streaming their game play.


The BenQ PD3200U monitor is perfect for creatives who require precision colors and want a high quality monitor. BenQ has put a lot of thought into the design and performance of the monitor. Not only is it beautiful and stylish, it will serve your needs well.

The display is super sharp and having AQCOLOR Technology makes it top of the line when comparing it to other monitors made by other brands. BenQ also cares about their community’s eyes. As I mentioned early creatives and even gamers once in the zone will work for hours (or play if you are gamer), so having a monitor that is built for eye is necessary and will help your eyes remain healthy.

This monitor is very impressive and I highly recommend it.

To learn more about the monitor visit this link.




Marketing and PR Guru… and lover of tech. Adobe Influencer and Wacom Evangelist.

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Kenneth Shinabery

Kenneth Shinabery

Marketing and PR Guru… and lover of tech. Adobe Influencer and Wacom Evangelist.

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